Emerging Pakistan

Mustang Productions successfully bid and executed the national launch of the ground breaking ‘Emerging Pakistan’ initiative. Put in motion by the Ministry of Commerce for the Government of Pakistan, Emerging Pakistan is a platform that aims to highlight and promote the opportunities available in one of the most dynamic and robust nations with a young population. Through this initiative the Government seeks to interact with importers, investors, individuals, tourists and corporations who are interested in joining Pakistan’s journey to prosperity.

Mustang Productions was at the heart of all the activity, ensuring all aspects of the launch were well planned, managed and accomplished. Within the broad spectrum of the National launch, Mustang Productions was instrumental in creating the design, artwork, event format, documentary and the presentations for the Emerging Pakistan ideology. The launch welcomed several international delegates and dignitaries to ensure a global impact.

A few noteworthy creations for Emerging Pakistan by Mustang Productions can be found below to give a sense of the project scale.


Mustang Productions exhibited excellence throughout the Emerging Pakistan project. From creating the inaugural event for the Ministry of Commerce at Mohatta Palace, Karachi; to the management of the entire production; they did a fantastic job. Mustang are a professional body and implemented their creativity to perfection. Sadia and her personable, yet resilient team consistently worked well under pressure and with high integrity. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to work with them again.
Mohammad Younus Dagha, Federal Secretary of Commerce, Government of Pakistan

Campaign Design

Mustang Productions created, managed and delivered an impactful campaign to launch and inform the world of Emerging Pakistan. This included the design of the launch from conceptualisation, development and delivery. The strategic plan of events, PR and information dissemination where all part of our deliverables.


As part of Mustang Productions initiative and creativity we commissioned the creation of a documentary showcasing the ‘Unexplored Pakistan’. We created a tangible and positive marketing tool for the initiative that really speaks out about the growth, tourism, history and future of Pakistan yet to be discovered by the world.


For the launch we decided on creating several presentations to cement Pakistan as a key player on global issues and the progression the country has experienced in recent years. Topics included Women Empowerment, Treasured Gems; Foreign Direct Investment and Extraordinary exports. Really highlighting the positive impact Pakistan has on a global scale and diaspora.

Event Design

Mustang Productions designed, developed and implemented an extraordinary stage design for the launch. This included Set design, lighting, sound and structure. The launch was held at Mohatta Palace, one of Pakistan’s most recognised landmarks and Museum devoted to the Arts. The launch was executed to an international standard of production design and really boosted the impact of the initiative.


Mustang Productions created a media sensation by reaching out to the internally renowned Pakistani Origin band Strings. We linked the Arts & Media aspect of ‘Emerging Pakistan’ by highlighting the musical achievements of the country through their most recognised artists. We managed all aspects of sound, lighting and coordination for the concert.

Fashion showcase

We used our expertise and forte to create a fashion runway segment that mesmerised the audience with colour, tradition and design. We used internationally renowned designers Nomi Ansari and Faiza Samee to display the modernity and fresh appeal of Pakistans couture prosperous textile industry.

Press conference

As per our strategic campaign plan, we conceptualised and delivered a Press Conference to announce the launch and structure of Emerging Pakistan. This was the first stage of raising awareness for the initiative, and we worked closely with the Ministry of commerce and the outsourced PR agency to create an infectious global buzz.


Part of our deliverables included researching and contracting PR agencies that would provide the global reach that ‘Emerging Pakistan’ deserved. We managed the tender and deal to bring Pakistan’s largest PR agency in-house to provide heavy 24/7 press and media coverage.