Exceptional Director of Fashion Events Back

Sadia Siddiqui is the founder and CEO of leading Production Company ‘Mustang Productions’ which offers production design, concerts, brand consultation and event management services. She is the creator of Fashion Parade and a creative director for bespoke events and productions, a choreographer, a branding expert and a former model. Sadia did MBA from University of London and won the Charles Wallace Award for out-standing academic achievements and graduated top 5 of her cohort. She has been emerged as one of the leading fashion minds bringing unique commercial sides of fashion. Sadia responds sharply throughout the talking session with Vivo, here is the detail:

What mindsets helped you in being successful?

Determination and perseverance are the particular factors in my case toward the successful path because I believe that you have to be determined and honest in this tough Fashion industry and have a tough mind set to rise above the challenges that surround this industry.

Why is young women’s activism so important?

Young women activation will affect our society in so many ways; it will reduce domestic violence, reduce corruption, developed of society, economic benefits, reduce poverty and will be key to nation building. An empowered woman will raise empowered daughters and that’s how the shift in society will happen!

What kinds of challenges’ you been facing?

Challenges don’t scare me; they only make me resilient as I believe that whatever doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. This industry in particular can have a dark side to it while I have surrounded myself with very few people and always been a straight shooter and definitely will never compromise on my principals.

What has been the strength in your success?

My success comes from my vision to evolve, to move forward, from my pursuit to excellence. I am never truly satisfied with what i produce, i always think of ways of making it better, and that’s what makes the next project even better. One always has to strive for more and Its the more that excites me!

How do you define the basic objective of ‘Mustang Productions’?

Mustang is a production house and an idea factory which creates lux shows for its clients, may that be a fashion show, a bespoke production or a concert. Fashion Parade is Mustang’s flagship event. Mustang creates It’s a creative body that builds on your vision, conceptualizes ideas and then brings them to life.

How was the journey of creating the idea of ‘Fashion Parade’?

I wanted a show at power creating by any international designer to showcase our fashion on a platform that met International standards. The journey was a challenging yet a rewarding experience. Nothing in life comes easy, and change is never easy just like Fashion Parade required a lot of hard work but the end result was extremely rewarding.

What’s the best part in being a motivational entrepreneur?

I would be thrilled if my work or life can motivate others and I feel everyone needs a mentor, an example or someone who they can relate to or aspire to its just helps them in their journey.

The secret behind to do many tasks simultaneously?

I would want to tell all young women/girls that have faith in your ability and if you have self-belief and are confident then none can knock you off your feet, they surely will try but you will stay steadfast!! Believe in yourself and never ever compromise your ethics.

Share some of your success stories?

I have had many successes but working Manish Malhotra and creating his solo show in London I enjoyed the most. I also loved producing and presenting for television, interviewing Kabir Bedi, General Musharraf and Sabya saatchi were certainly the highlights.

The source of inspiration that keeps you motivated?

My inspiration doesn’t come from one person alone but every day from everywhere in the world. Successful Women from every field of life such as politics, any creative industry ,Fashion or any other field such as from JK Rowling to Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright to Jlo and Mukhtara Mai to Ayesha Farooq (Pakistan’s fighter pilot)inspire me to move on and on.

Experience of exploring the fashion world in your point of view?

My understanding of fashion is very different, my values, my mindset and my thought process is quite different. I think there is a side to this industry that i will never be able to relate to. On the other hand, the creativity of the industry is something i deeply enjoy.

The role model for you?

I don’t have a particular role mode but inspirations for me come broadly on a daily basis from multiple sources.

Your suggestions for women empowerment?

Never compromise your principles. An empowered woman believes in herself and doesn’t compromise her values no matter what price she has to pay for it.

Your message to the people in production field?

My message….hmmm…Have Nerves of Steel!

Your proud projects and achieved excellence?

Producing and directing ‘PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week’ this year, Fashion Parade and my flag ship event for Mustang. I will forever be proud of what we have achieved due to these successful projects.