“Mustang Productions exhibited excellence throughout the Emerging Pakistan project. From creating the inaugural event for the Ministry of Commerce at Mohatta Palace, Karachi; to the management of the entire production; they did a fantastic job. Mustang are a professional body and implemented their creativity to perfection. Sadia and her personable, yet resilient team consistently worked well under pressure and with high integrity. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to work with them again.”

Mohammad Younus Dagha,
Federal Secretary of Commerce, Government of Pakistan

“Mustang Productions created a great show and everything was flawless!”

Khadijah Shah,

“It was my first time working with the very beautiful Sadia. She’s warm with a great energy and her team is lovely. I’d love more work to happen together. Thanks to Mustang Productions, we had very good show for UBS. Its was a very beautiful show.”

Manish Malhotra, Fashion Designer (India)

“Events such as Fashion Parade foster the spirit of giving and that’s what we all should be doing.”

Suhel Seth, Marketing Guru

“Mustang Productions did a phenomenal job organizing this event. It was the first fashion show that actually allowed me to watch my own segment from upfront, until I had to take my bow! The venue was just beautiful. Kudos to organizing an amazing show!”

Ayesha Hashwani, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)

“Sadia Siddiqui epitomises the spirt of entrepreneurship and truly is an inspiration to us all. A successful business woman, television presenter and ambassador for charitable causes she continues to show great ambition with launch of her latest new venture.

We have followed her business journey from the start as the founder of a PR and Events company, gaining investment through former Dragons’ Den investor James Caan, her latest venture Mustang productions to interviewing some of the most recognised public figures in world. Her smash hit TV show, aptly titled ‘Achievers’ has featured heads of state, International sporting icons and public figures, all taken in her stride as we would expect! Her latest venture promises to be the most exciting yet with a new show reaching millions of viewers across 4 continents.

Sadia combines effortlessly beauty, grace and a savvy business acumen, the complete package!”

Christine Shaw, Editor
Start Your Business Magazine

“Sadia is charming, enigmatic and most importantly extremely hard working. I knew the moment I decided on the programme ‘Achievers’,that she was the one who would be the one who would bring the idea to fruition. And was not wrong. From the guests to the sponsor, from the production to the studio, she was completely in control.

She would call me all day to pick my brains and if that were not enough there would be a call in the evening at home to run through with programme details. She has to be thorough in every department in what she is doing. I don’t know if she slept during the making of the programme. Her energy and indefatigable spirit shone all the way.

It’s her passion and, zeal for the job which strikes you the most. I did not see a drop in enthusiasm levels once in those 3 months that she worked on the ‘ Achievers’ programme. She even makes time to do the school and nursery rounds in between which is amazing and just seemed to have the perfect balance between both professional and personal worlds.”

Kevin Rego, Head of B4U USA

“I’ve known Sadia Siddiqui of Mustang Productions for a while now . This was our first experience of working together and it has been a great one . She is visionary, understanding, disciplined and has an amazing team . Looking forward to work with Mustang soon, again.”

Faraz Manan, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)

“I’m a big fan of Fashion Parade. They’re bringng different genres of designers together. Some newcomers, some established names – they are doing great!”

Ali Xeeshan, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)

“Over the years Sadia has developed a fabulous team at Mustang. No wonder that Mustang’s events are impeccably executed, always.

Sadia’s perfectionism, her being mindful of every detail has built the base for Mustang’s success.

Each person at Mustang is a committed individual, an expert in their field, working independently as well as a cohesive force.
Confirming my firm believe, delegating power is one of the secrets of success.

I’ve seen Mustang grow from strength to strength and it gives me much happiness to see a good company doing well.
Sadia is a dream to work with and she and her team definitely deserve all the accolade.”

Faiza Samee, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)

“A great platform to bring the East and West togetgher, a great event.”

The Late Lord Ghulam Noon,
British Indian businessman

“To celebrate ‘Pakistan Day’ in Berlin H.E. Jauhar Saleem the Ambassador of Pakistan in Germany and the Embassy of Pakistan hosted a fashion event titled #BrandPakistanBerlin in a public/private partnership with us showcasing the ‘Bejewelled’ collection by ÉLAN and jewellery by SHEREZAD. The show was directed by Sadia Siddiqui and managed by Mustang Productions. The show was a huge success due to the flawless direction, seamless execution and on the dot punctuality by Sadia/Mustang Productions. It gives me great pleasure to commend and compliment the event team.”

Zahir Rahimtoola, CEO

“Mustang productions are a fantastic company which always excels on their creations. The level of detail and discipline with which they take on projects is always evident in the amazing end product. Fashion Parade is an amazing platform which I would always recommend.”

Nomi Ansari, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)

“Sadia is incredibly talented and has a charming personality. Working with her has been absolutely delightful. Her drive for passion and persistent determination speaks volumes in her work. She’s completely dedicated to what she does. Her incredible attention to detail and ability to go above and beyond always leaves me amazed. I wish her great luck for all future endeavors, she is a true inspiration.”

HSY, Fashion Designer (Pakistan)